Romantic Drama ‘Malcolm & Marie’ Starring Zendaya and John David Washington Is Coming to Netflix


Malcolm & Marie has found its home at Netflix.

According to Deadline, Netflix is finishing up a deal for nearly $30 million for worldwide rights to the film Malcolm & Marie. The film is a romantic drama, directed by Sam Levinson and starring Zendaya and John David Washington.

It was shot discreetly during the production lockdown in black-and-white 35MM with cinematography by Marcell Rév. Malcolm & Marie was the first film that managed to complete production post-pandemic. Levinson also served as a writer and producer. Both Zendaya and Washington are executive producers.

The film follows a filmmaker (Washington) who returns home with his girlfriend (Zendaya) following a celebratory film premiere as he awaits what is sure to be both critical and financial success. The evening suddenly takes a turn as truths about their relationships begin to surface, which examines the strength of their love.

When speaking to InStyle, Zendaya discussed what it was like shooting Malcolm & Marie. She said, “It was an incredible experience. I’d been talking to Sam (Levinson, the creator of Euphoria) often during the quarantine. Sometimes he’d just call to shoot the shit and chat about life. And eventually, I said to him, ‘I need to do something creative.’ So we bounced ideas back and forth, and then he started writing. Sam reached out to John David (Washington) about wanting to be a part of the project, so we fronted our own money and put it together ourselves.”

“Our crew was a very small group of people who are also from Euphoria. And the No. 1 thing was safety. Everyone had to quarantine and get tested in order to shoot in isolation. We created our own little bubble and made sure that once we were in, we couldn’t leave. We were able to workshop and rehearse together — it was very much like a play. I did my own hair and makeup and dressed in my own clothes. And then we shot in black and white on film, so we’ll see how it turns out. I think we were able to create something really special. And I’m grateful that we learned how to do it on our own,” Zendaya added.

Netflix has confirmed the deal and Levinson said he is “so grateful to this cast and crew, many of whom are my Euphoria family, for coming together during such uncertain times. We felt privileged to be able to make this film together and we did so with a lot of love. We are all thrilled that it has ended up with Netflix which is unparalleled in allowing filmmakers the freedom to tell their stories that reach audiences all over the world.”

Deadline states that the cast and crew of Malcolm & Marie will be sharing a part of the proceeds with Feeding America. It was shot at “a modest budget and some of the keys below the liners made deals that profit off the back end. The big sale will make that a reality and a big help for a time that work is difficult to find.”

Hopefully, Netflix will be able to give us a release date and trailer soon because we cannot wait to see this film.