Protests Erupt in Lancaster, Pennsylvania After Police Shooting


On Sunday, September 13, 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz, was shot and killed by Police officers, causing an eruption of protests in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Police were responding to a domestic disturbance call when they claim Munoz charged them with a knife. Officers then proceeded to shoot at Munoz until he is seen, in bodycam footage, falling to the ground. As of now, the officer responsible for shooting Munoz is on administrative leave.

Due to the shooting, Black Lives Matter supporters have started protests and riots in Lancaster late Sunday night and Monday morning. They have been gathering outside of the Lancaster police station. Though things quickly began escalating as looting has begun, local businesses are being destroyed, and government vehicles have been set on fire. Police have responded by tear-gassing crowds of protesters.

Heather Adams, Lancaster’s County District Attorney, says that an investigation of the shooting has been launched, and has taken to social media to ask protesters to please protest peacefully. Adams also informed those over social media that they will be releasing an official statement later today, in regard to the protests that have transpired Sunday and Monday.