Naomi Osaka Speaks up for Racial Injustice While Winning Second US Open

Leonard Zhukovsky/Shutterstock

Tennis Star Naomi Osaka has just won the 2020 US Open Women’s Championship, all while using her platform to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Osaka beat Victoria Azarenka after three contentious sets, where at first it looked as if Azarenka would win the match. This is Osaka’s second win as she beat Tennis Icon Serena Williams in 2018.

After the final match, the incredibly humble athlete shared her goals of continuing to grow, not only as a tennis pro but as a person as well. She shared that when she looks back years from now, she hopes to see how she has matured as a person. Osaka stated how she always wants to win every match and is always looking to improve her game.

During the press conference, post-match Osaka donned a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey. She shared on Twitter that the jersey gave her strength and that she wore it after every match. Osaka mentioned that Bryant thought that she would be great and that she hoped she was making him proud.

Osaka first made headlines during the seven-match tournament by wearing seven different black masks, each bearing the name of a Black person killed in the United States. She represented people like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, who were killed by police and wore the names Trayvon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery, who were killed in hate crimes. When asked, Osaka said that her goal was to start a conversation and let people know that “there are stories to be told.”

Social media pointed out what could have possibly been the cutest moment of the match, the reaction of Osaka’s boyfriend, rapper Cordae, to her win. He jumped with joy when Osaka won, and the video of his celebration went viral online. They have been considered “relationship goals” to some for their cute relationship and that they both positively use their platform to bring awareness to the issues faced by the black community.

Congratulations to Osaka for her third Grand Slam Title and her second US Open win. We expect to see nothing but greatness from the blossoming tennis star in the years to come.