The Feelist’s Me-Time Set Is the Care You Need for Your Body and Skin

The Me Too Set does all the care you need for your body and skin.

The Feelist

The Feelist is a plant-based and superpowered beauty brand that thrives off its CBD based products and natural ingredients. The beauty brand has been described as, “a holistic, 100% clean, plant-powered, supercharge beauty label.” They have recently launched the Me-Time Set which includes Staycation, detoxifying salt soak, and Do Not Disturb, a moisturizing cream. Both products hold ingredients that transform your skin and body for the better.

The Detoxifying Salt Soak has many natural ingredients including hemp-derived cannabinoids, one of the brand’s staple ingredients. Hemp-derived cannabinoids have a wide range of benefits for the skin due to a high amount of antioxidants. The Himalayan Pink Salt helps with cleansing your skin and supports the natural detoxification in your body. The Epsom Salt brings down any inflammation and water retention and improves skin barrier function and skin hydration. This helps with relaxing your body due to the lavender and vanilla essential oils.

The Do Not Disturb extra strength body cream includes just as many natural ingredients as Staycation. Similarly, they both carry the hemp-derived cannabinoids. The sunflower seed oil in the product has an abundance of fatty acids, allowing it to provide moisture to dry skin. The shea butter brings in the natural vitamins that soften and moisturize the skin. The jojoba seed oil is very helpful with the healing of the skin; soothing, reducing redness and repairing skin. The last key ingredient is the passionflower extract which hydrates and moisturizes the skin. This ingredient includes lavender and cedarwood oils; reducing stress and promoting a calm state of mind.

Unlike other products, the Me-Time Set was made to be a stress reliever, muscle relaxer, swelling cure, and a great way to sleep. You can purchase the Feelist’s Me-Time Set here on their website for $120 USD. We all deserve to treat ourselves to some nice, skin-loving, relaxation.