Selena Gomez Talks Quarantine, New Hit Single, Makeup Line, and More in Variety Interview


Selena Gomez recently talked about her new single “Ice Cream,” makeup line, cooking show, life in quarantine, and more in a recent interview.

Gomez recently sat down in a zoom interview with Variety, where she spoke out on several different topics and touched on life in quarantine, something we can all relate to. She revealed quarantine has been the most amount of time she spent alone since she was 16. She said she was carrying around a lot of anxiety due to the circumstances, but gained a sense of knowledge and confidence about what she says and stands by.

Gomez and Blackpink recently collaborated to release the new single “Ice Cream.” The singer expressed her enthusiasm for the music video to the reporter. The song will appear on the K-pop group’s upcoming full-length album. The music video already has over 200 million views, and Gomez said it was a joyful thing to be apart of and hopes it will make people feel good. She confessed her 7-year-old sister hasn’t been able to go to school and to see her dancing and having fun to the song was a huge highlight.

In addition to the hit K-Pop song, Gomez is currently hosting the show Selena + Chef on HBO Max. She invites well known culinary chefs onto the show to teach her some cooking tips and tricks. The show is shot virtually as of now and features chefs such as Roy Choi and Nancy Silverton. She revealed that quarantine inspired the series, as she just moved into her new home with a dream kitchen, she wanted to take advantage of it. Gomez said the show is even set to film another season.
With the excitement from her new HBO Max show, Gomez is also set to shoot a new comedy, crime series on Hulu, ‘Only Murders in the Building.’ Gomez will be producing alongside comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short. The singer confessed she has always been fascinated with mystery and crime and was quick to climb on board when she was sent the script. The series hasn’t begun filming just yet due to quarantine restrictions, but as soon as it is safe to do so, Gomez will be busy at work. She said that she thinks the show is going to bring a lot of joy to people.
Gomez also touched on her makeup line, Rare Beauty, in the Zoom interview. She expressed that she hopes the cruelty-free makeup line will help fans feel good about themselves. The line was two and a half years in the making, and Gomez stated that the line happened organically. She hopes to be a safe place for fans to express their insecurities and tried to take into account what her fans were thinking and feeling when she created the line.

With all the chaos and current events surrounding life at this time, she disclosed she still has hope for the country and wants the younger generation to use their voice and vote, as it is now more important than ever.

She also touched on Stacey Abrams and transgender activist Raquel Williams taking over her Instagram for a day. She informed that with everything happening, she felt she didn’t have much to say being half Mexican and from Texas, it’s a whole different community that gets attacked. She felt it was necessary to use her platform and audience to give a voice to those who have been directly fighting oppression and injustice. She wanted her audience to hear the story directly from them and multiple categories from the industry and the government. It was a “no brainer” for her to have them take over her platform, she explained. Gomez introduced Abrams with a short post.

If her hit single, cooking show, and crime series weren’t enough to keep busy, Gomez has also been doing a lot of producing. She stated being on the other side of things is fun and interesting as she is able to be apart of the storytelling, and shaping who the characters are. She even announced she is currently apart of 16 different projects, all focusing on different areas and matters that she believes in.

The celeb has definitely been keeping busy during quarantine and has her hands full while juggling tons of different materials. We can’t wait to tune into her new Hulu series as well as learn more about the projects she plays a role in producing. You can watch the 22-minute interview here for more details.

Wishing Gomez all the best as she juggles both old and new projects.