Meet Your New Favorite Fashion Historian: Shelby Ivey Christie


Shelby Ivey Christie is a certified fashion aficionado who uses her love for fashion history to educate her followers on Twitter with her exhaustive library of knowledge.

While Christie grew up all over the country, she considers North Carolina her childhood home and this is where she avidly devoured fashion magazines that became her textbooks. She memorized images of models like she was studying for a history test. Christie then took her passion for both fashion and black culture to college at North Carolina A&T State University. She began using her expertise in different fashion magazine internships before she decided to try something new.


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After working at Vogue, Christie took her knowledge into her own hands and used her own platform on Twitter to post bite-sized history lessons on fashion with a heavy focus on Black contributors. She wants to use this platform to deconstruct the ‘white lens’ that art history is usually seen through, similar to how female scholars deconstruct the ‘male gaze’ in cinema studies.

Some of her most recent Twitter posts discuss the role of Southern plantations being used in the fashion industry due to their proximity and relationship to cotton. Her threads remind us that in the South, the workers who produced cotton ought to be remembered for the contribution to the textile industry.

Where is she now? Currently working towards her Masters in Costuming and Fashion History at New York University while she continues to propel black fashion into the eyes of the public.

We are feeling inspired by Shelby Ivey Christie’s passion and knowledge. If you aren’t following her on Twitter yet, you need to get over to @bronze_bombSHEL to read through Christie’s thought-provoking commentary.