Marshmello and Demi Lovato Drop Music Video for Their New Song ‘OK Not To Be OK’


Masked DJ Marshmello and renowned singer Demi Lovato have released their brand new music video for their song titled, “OK Not To Be OK.”

Following the release of their new single “OK Not To Be OK,” Lovato and Marshmello have released a new music video. The two of them have been promoting their new single all over social media. Both the song and music video was released on September 10 at 9 AM PT. The video currently has over 400,000 views on YouTube.

The song and music video address mental health. Lovato has been a huge advocate for addressing mental health and being open about her own struggles with mental health. The video depicts her as a young girl, distraught and doubting her self worth. At the end of the video, she realizes, as the song says, “It’s ok not to be ok.”

Marshmello also expressed how the song can perfectly be applied since it was released on National Suicide Prevention Day.

The song serves as an anthem and reminder for those having a rough time or struggling with their mental health that sometimes its “ok not to be ok.” We love the message of the song and video and hope to see these two collaborate again in the future.