Kelly Clarkson Gets Candid About Working in Hollywood in Recent Interview

Chris Haston/NBC

Singer-songwriter, actress, author, and television personality Kelly Clarkson got honest in a recent interview about her experience working in Hollywood.

After skyrocketing to fame as American Idol’s first winner, the singer released hit songs including “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” “Since You’ve Been Gone,” “Breakaway,” and “Stronger.” Her pop-rock songs about heartbreak and love have resonated with audiences all across the globe for almost twenty years. Clarkson has recently appeared as a judge on another competitive music show, The Voice, and has just begun hosting her own talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Back in March, like many other TV shows, Clarkson’s talk show stopped filming due to COVID-19. Since then, she has been filming at home editions of her show from her house in LA. When discussing filming during a pandemic, Clarkson told the LA Times, “I will be completely honest, and I have been since the beginning: I did not want this job. I say that it’s the dream I didn’t know I had because I talk to so many people, and not just celebrities. I’ve talked to the people that have been hit hardest in all of this — financially, emotionally, mentally … it’s really the everyday people on this show that have just lifted my spirits when I’ve been feeling like, ‘Oh my God, nothing else could possibly go wrong at this point, like, send in the locusts.’”

She continued by describing her goals for the show by stating, “I’m trying to smile and light up America’s life [and] I’m just wanting to drown myself in the creek next to me … I do remember, right before then, I was like: ‘Look, at some point, people in the limelight are humans too and we’re all going through the same roller coaster as everyone else. So sometimes I don’t want to smile.’ I was honest about that. It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s all relative to your own world.”

Clarkson is not only juggling hosting a talk show during these tumultuous times, but she is also going to be a judge on The Voice (for her sixth season) and is reportedly writing music. Her last album, The Meaning of Life, was released in 2017 was a hit and included powerful songs like “Whole Lotta Woman” and “Love So Soft.” Her latest single, “I Dare You,” was released in April of this past year.

When discussing her writing, Clarkson told the LA Times, “Some days are fine, you’re laughing about it and there’s comedic things about it — in a dark comedy kind of way — but then there are other times that are so low that you just don’t know if you’re going to get picked back up. And then there’s other times when you’re like, ‘OK, fresh start.’ … I’m incapable of not incorporating it into my music because that is my outlet.”

She also recently told the Today Show that her upcoming album “will be the most personal one yet.”

We cannot wait to hear more of Clarkson’s music and continue to watch her on The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show. She always manages to amaze us with all she does and we wish her the best will all future projects.