Anne Hathaway to Star in Doug Liman’s New Film, ‘Lockdown’

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Doug Liman is set to be directing another movie during the coronavirus pandemic, starring Anne Hathaway.

The director, Liman, has currently been working on a movie in outer space starring Tom Cruise. It involves Elon Musk’s Space X as well as NASA.

Both Liman and Cruise came up with the idea and have been in the process of developing it. NASA is working with the duo to plan the details of filming the movie in space.

This is a territory that no director has gone through in the history of film making. It’s exciting to see where this journey will take the two of them and see their vision pan out and come to life. As you can tell, Liman thinks outside of the box. We expect nothing less of him in his new project, Lockdown.

According to Deadline, Anne Hathaway is in talks to star in the new movie called Lockdown. The film is supposed to be a combination of a rom-com and an action-packed adventure. With Liman directing, Steven Knight writing the script, and Hathaway starring, this movie is sure to be a hit.


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P.J. van Sandwijk and Alison Winter will be producing the film, with the filming being expected to start near the end of September. The budget is said to be under $10 million, making it a fairly low-budget project.

Hopefully this new movie will be exactly what everyone needs to get through the pandemic.