The Female-Owned Beauty Brand Lano Launches Holographic Watermelon Lip Water


A new Holographic Watermelon Lip Water has officially been released and customers are loving it.

The beauty brand, Lano, has dropped a Holographic Watermelon Lip Water which is the weightless, non-sticky, popping lip moisturizer we all need. It seems as if they said, “let’s make a watermelon juice, but for lips.” This vegetarian lip product gives you a beautiful, colorful watermelon glow that will have your lips reflecting from the light. The product works as a quick fix for lip licking. You can apply this lip water as needed and any time you feel the urge to lick your lips.

The Holographic Watermelon Lip Water utilizes natural ingredients and there are no artificial colors or fragrances. Lanolin, which gives you an imitation of natural human oils, is one of the most important ingredients in most of Lano’s beauty products. Hyaluronic acid, included as an ingredient in the product, is added to create the moisturizing touch for your lips. The cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified product brings a new, refreshing glow to your lips.

Reviews on the Holographic Watermelon Lip Water boast about how the soft pink color, non-sticky, moisturizing, and fruity aspects make this product a valuable buy. Customers described the product to be a long-lasting combination of a lip treatment, lip oil, lip balm, and lip tint that adds a beautiful long-lasting shimmer to your lips.

The beauty brand Lano has launched a natural, lightweight lip water product that customers adore. The Holographic Watermelon Lip Water retails for $17 USD. You can purchase the product on Lano’s website or Ulta.