The Election Is Less Than Two Months Away, Learn Where and How to Vote

Mary Long/Shutterstock

The upcoming 2020 Presidential Election may be the most important in our history, so make your vote count. 

We are voting for so much more than who we want in the White House; we are voting for someone to save our democracy and move our country forward. COVID-19, systemic racism, and climate change have been plaguing our country during what has been an extremely tumultuous year. When we vote in November, we need to vote for a leader who will address these issues head-on and do what is best for all American citizens. There will be multiple ways to vote: in-person, by mail, or by dropping off your ballot at a local station.

Normally, lines would be wrapped around buildings from the moment polls opened until the last person voted, but this time things will be different. The effects of COVID-19 have made long lines of crowded people unfeasible as social distancing would be impossible to maintain. However, voting organizations and political leaders do not want COVID-19 to be the reason for low voter turnout, so the push for absentee ballots has been on the rise. Even celebrities have been using their platforms to encourage their fans to register, vote, and use their voices to make a change.

There have been concerns about voter fraud, with the current President suggesting that voters should attempt to vote twice despite that being a felony. The effects of COVID-19 have also added stresses to the postal service, causing voters to worry that mailed-in votes may not be counted. Those concerns have led to calls for more funding for USPS. Many polling stations are also looking for volunteers to work on election days to help the process run smoothly.

Whether you vote in-person or by mail-in ballot, Glitter Magazine encourages all our readers to register and vote by November 3rd. Every vote matters, and we should all vote as if our lives depended on it. Stay informed about your local voter registrations rules, polling locations, and absentee ballot information. You can learn more here.