New Exa High Fidelity Semi-Satin Foundation Is Enlightening


Credo Beauty’s new private label make-up line, Exa, launched a 43-shade foundation in hopes of only keeping clean and inclusive beauty products.

Credo is setting the highest standards in beauty since 2015 when it opened its first store in San Fransisco. The company’s mission is to change the beauty industry by only promoting clean and transparent products.

As they launch Exa‘s High Fidelity Semi-Satin Foundation, they are vowing to show inclusivity and care for the health of everyone who chooses their foundation.

By creating 43 inclusive shades, Exa is demonstrating that they have created a foundation to fit every person in the world. Along with this, they are not solely appealing to the female demographic, as they include male models in their campaign.

Transparency is vital within Exa. On both Credo and Exa, consumers can view every single ingredient within the foundation. From apricot to silica silylate to peach, the list demonstrates no harmful chemicals. If any questions arise, Credo gives additional information on each ingredient to clarify all.

To make this new foundation even better, Exa made sure to make it lightweight and long-lasting. With protective microalgae actives, soothing maqui berry, and hydrating hyaluronic acid will ensure that lasting finish. For all skin types, the foundation can be worn sheer to full coverage to give the skin a beautiful semi-satin finish.

However, this future-forward foundation does not end simply at the product inside the bottle. Exa has also created an eco-friendly packaging to ensure sustainability. The box comes from 100% post-consumer waste; the bottle is recyclable glass, and the tray is from compostable sugarcane waste fiber.

Credo and Exa are breaking barriers in the beauty industry. They remind us all that it is our right to know what is in our products. Not only are they creating clean, vegan, and transparent make-up, but are promoting inclusivity, because “why try to fit in – when you were meant to stand out?”

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