Janelle Monáe Releases New Song ‘Turntables’ From the Amazon Prime Documentary ‘All In: The Fight for Democracy’

Jairo Cruz/ Amazon Prime Video

Janelle Monáe has released “Turntables” from the new Amazon Prime Video documentary about voting, All In: The Fight for Democracy

This week, Janelle Monáe released her powerful song, “Turntables.” The song will be featured in that new documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy, which focuses on voter suppression in the United States.

The song reflects on the recent Black Lives Matter protests and the racial tensions across the country, and Janelle Monáe does a great job of expressing the pain and anger that a lot of people in the Black community are currently feeling.

Even though Janelle Monae’s anger is apparent in the lyrics, “Turntables” is actually about hope for the future, and being optimistic that change will come. Fans are loving the new song and its message, and they’re happy that the singer is using her platform to speak on important issues in our community.

“Turntables” is the perfect song for the documentary as we approach one of the most important and highly anticipated elections in US history. All In: The Fight for Democracy is directed by Liz Garbus and Lisa Cortés and will feature Democratic politician Stacey Abrams, who has been known for fighting voter suppression in her home state of Georgia.

There’s still time to register to vote, so make sure to visit vote.org to check your registration status and get information about the registration deadlines in your area. You can also stream “Turntables,” now available on all music streaming platforms, and catch All In The Fight for Democracy on Amazon Prime Video on September 18.