Halle Berry Opening New Doors for Women of Color With Her Directorial Debut


Halle Berry is having her directorial debut with Bruised, an upcoming film about a female MMA fighter in which Berry both directs and stars. 

Berry started acting after she graduated college. She first began performing in theater plays and gradually started starring in films. The actress is mostly known for her roles in The X-Men franchise, her Oscar acceptance speech from 2002, and her role in Catwoman.

When Berry first read the script of Bruised, she knew she felt a strong connection to the character, Jackie Justice. However, at the time, director Nick Cassavetes was in charge of the film. When Bruised became available, Berry pitched herself to not only star in the film but to double as a lead to the producer.

She told Variety“Why not a Black woman? It’s an old genre; there’s so many great fight films that have been made. I made the point why it would be worth retelling an age-old story with this new twist.”


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After not being capable of convincing the creative team, Berry’s producing partner, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, told the actress to direct the movie herself. Berry has wanted to run a film for a long time now, readied herself for rejection. Instead, she was hired. Bruised is going to premier September 12 in Toronto in front of a live audience. Sadly, Berry won’t be traveling due to the pandemic.

Berry has been fighting for Black actress’ to be given essential roles in the cinema industries. Her 2002 award speech was her way of opening the door for women like her. Now, her first directed film will continue to open more doors for women of color.