New Series ‘The Player’s Table’ Will Co-Star Halsey and Sydney Sweeney

Featureflash Photo Agency/Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/Shutterstock

Halsey is making her acting debut alongside Sydney Sweeney for a TV adaptation of the book They Wish They Were Us.

Everyone’s favorite duo is reuniting for a TV series. The two previously worked together on Halsey’s “Graveyard” music video. The Player’s Table is based on Jessica Goodman’s novel They Wish They Were Us. Halsey will also be a producer for the series.

Sweeney will be playing Jill Newman and Halsey will play Rachel Calloway.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new drama series will be set at an exclusive Long Island prep school. It will revolve around Jill Newman, a high school senior, who wants to uncover the truth about her best friend’s death three years. She also wants to find out what part she and her fellow “players,” members of the secret society that rules the school, may have played in it. Rachel Calloway ignites Jill’s journey of finding the truth behind Shaila’s murder. She left “The Players” and dissociated from her wealthy roots when her younger brother was convicted for Shaila’s murder. After graduating three years ago, she is brought back by her belief that he is not responsible for the murder. Together, they join forces to go on a journey for the truth of what really happened, with the hope to absolve her brother.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the duo hit it off so well after the music video that “Sweeney sent her the project, hoping that they’d work together again on it.” It is also stated that “The Player’s Table was put in development earlier this summer. Sweeney found the book and set it up with her agency, Paradigm.”

They obviously have an amazing friendship, because besides their sweet and loving Instagram captions about the project and each other, Sweeney commented on Halsey’s saying, “best partner in crime people have no idea what’s in store.”

Fans are beyond hyped to see these two working together again and were thrilled by the announcement.

We are so excited to see these incredibly talented women work together again and cannot wait to see this new series. We are so glad to see Sweeney doing more projects and thrilled to see Halsey make her acting debut, hopefully, we’ll see more of her on our screens in the future.