Netflix Series ‘Outer Banks’ Begins Season 2 Production


Our favorite Pogues are back together again, confirming the start of Season 2 production.

The Netflix original series first aired back in April of this year. It seemed to quickly become a favorite amongst viewers, who were grateful for something adventurous, mysterious, and funny to watch during the early weeks of quarantine. The show, which was consistently in Netflix’s Top 10, followed the adventures and treasure huntings of a group of teenagers living in Outer Banks, North Carolina.

This summer, Netflix confirmed the popular show’s renewal for Season 2. With this exciting news also came a wondering of when Season 2’s filming would begin, given the number of production halts and delays that have happened in the industry this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

Alas, no need to worry. This week actor Chase Stokes, who plays lead character John B., tweeted a picture of him and his castmates back together in their filming location of South Carolina. His caption indicated the start of creating the next season of the show.

In the photo, we also see Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron, Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara, Jonathan Daviss, who plays Pope, and Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ.

The official Instagram account for the show also posted this picture and included some individual photos of the cast members all sporting their face masks.


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BACK IN THE GOLD GAME BABY 🤙 obx 2 now in production

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It is exciting to see the cast of Outer Banks back together again to begin making a new season. We can’t wait to watch the new adventures that the Pogues will have, along with their likely altercations with the Kooks.

There has not been a definitive release date for Season 2 as of yet, so in the meantime, you can watch (or rewatch) Season 1 of Outer Banks on Netflix.