Malala Announces ‘White Teeth’ Will Be Her First Book Club Selection


Malala Yousafzai created a new digital book club Fearless.

Yousafzai is a Pakistani women’s education activist. At the age of 15 she survived a Taliban attack, which led her to write several books such as I Am Malala, We Are Displaced, and Malala’s Magic Pencil. She later went on to win a Nobel Prize in 2014, making her the youngest recipient of the award.

In August she announced the creation of her book club and stated that she began the club because she, “always loved to read — and to share great books with my friends.” For the first book of the club, Yousafzai has chosen White Teeth by Zadie Smith. The book focuses on two friends during wartime and how their lives and families are being impacted. Smith touches on ideas about racism, multiculturalism, family ties, female independence, and history. 

The book club, Fearless, begins on October 1 and the club has a limited number of spots, so if you are interested you can act fast and subscribe to the club today.


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Excited to announce that Zadie Smith’s White Teeth is my first book club selection. This book, written 20 years ago when Smith was a college student, still captures the imagination of readers (and re-readers) around the world. Each of us can relate to Irie’s struggle to define her own identity even as she honors her family history – and all of us can learn from the perspectives, people, traditions and religions represented by Smith’s wonderful characters. Join my @literati book club today [link in bio] – every month you’ll receive a book in the mail, along with a note from me. And you’ll get access to a platform where you can discuss the book with me and other readers in our club. Looking forward to talking about White Teeth with you next month!

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Every month Yousafzai will select a new book for her subscribers to read. A subscription starts at $20 per month. The club will create a space for a cohesive conversation between all members discussing their viewpoints and opinions on the books. The chance to converse with many inspiring people is quite appealing to many avid readers.

Not only will you be able to hear the thoughts of other members but there will also be exclusive notes from Yousafzai herself. The club is hosted by Literati, which sends physical copies along with an exclusive note containing Yousafzai’s thoughts about the book. 


“As somebody who spoke out during a time when terrorism was spreading, being fearless became such an important part of my life. And for me that was overcoming your fear,” Yousafzai said when asked about her reasoning behind the new book club. “Fearless are those people who overcome these obstacles, who overcome these fears that surround them internally and externally. And they come forward with all that is in their heart — they tell the truth, they’re radical in expressing their feelings and they share actual true stories, they express their true feelings.”

Everyone has a story to tell, you just have to be willing to listen. Yousafafzai’s goal is to share and uplift the stories of authors that are often neglected.