Eloquii Is Making Waves as an Affordable, Plus-Size Retailer


“Because like you, we know fashion doesn’t stop at size 12” — Eloquii.

Eloquii is a clothing brand specifically dedicated to dressing sizes 14-28. Their goal is to make popular current trends available for plus size women—something that sounds so simple yet is still very hard to find. Eloquii proved themselves a popular label when they were closed by their parent company in 2013 but consumers demanded they re-open their doors. They did and they’ve come a long way since then.


What makes Eloquii so special? They call themselves “fit-obsessed.” They coordinated their fit team to be equal in number to their design team; in doing so Eloquii shows their dedication to tailoring for their target demographic. They want to make sure that the clothes are not only fashionable but fit their consumers well and make them feel confident in what they are wearing. 

Every designer should know that fashion should be accessible to everyone—Eloquii is certainly doing its part to make that promise a reality. Not only are they addressing diverse body types, but they are also striving to make their clothing affordable. Eloquii released their line Eloquii Elements in which every item is under $50. While you can find these pieces through their website, you can also find them at Walmart.

If you are interested in items following current trends check out their Faux Leather Leggings, Leopard Cardigan, or a One Shoulder Body Suit. With fall right around the corner, any of these choices would be ideal to add to your wardrobe. To see all of their styles and trends you can check them out at eloquii.com