Google Maps Update Will Show Where COVID-19 Outbreaks Are the Worst

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Google Maps is coming out with an update that will show users the location of major COVID-19 outbreaks.


Google Maps is coming up with an update that will show the location of major COVID-19 outbreaks. Ever since the pandemic started, Google has been trying to find ways to provide their users with data through the use of apps. There is a new update to Google Maps that will soon let users know what places to avoid. A twitter user, Jane Wong, made the discovery.

When you use the app, Google Maps will highlight the color were the outbreaks of COVID-19 are worse in the US. The update is titled “COVID-19” and is beside the other options for transit, traffic, biking, and street view.

Google is gathering information from The New York Times. So far, this update is only available for the United States and Canada. They are working on making this option worldwide, as they are also gathering information from India.

It is unclear when this update will fully come out, but Google has been trying their best to help out during this pandemic. Maps can show you what restaurants are open for delivery, hotel rooms available for first responders, and nearby medical locations. They even give users the option to update if their favorite small business has reopened on their Maps profile.


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Google Maps will even remind you to put on a mask before leaving the car. Keep an eye out for the new update, and always remember to keep your social distance and wear a mask. There are still outbreaks, and your safety is essential.