Fill Your Space With Iconic Diptyque Scents Using Their One Touch Electric Diffuser


Get your fix of luxury with the Home Electric Diffuser from Diptyque.

Diptyque is a luxury brand from France focused on producing candles, soaps, and other olfactory goods. While they are mainly known for their candles, Diptyque has created Un Air de Diptyque for a different kind of consumer fragrance experience.

Un Air de Diptyque is a wonderful addition to enlighten your home with a new fragrance–minimal prep-work required. Simply pick your favorite Diptyque insert, add it to the diffuser, and voila. You have a refreshing scent in your bedroom for as long as you want. This diffuser is also portable so take it with you anywhere.

The beauty of a diffuser versus a candle or incense is that you get the intensity of the scent without the smoke or fire hazard. Simply tap the top of the diffuser and take a breath. This also minimizes the amount of waste as you only need to replace the insert itself. Diptyque sells inserts such as Ambre for warmth and comfort, Roses for a light fresh vibe, or Fig Tree for a relaxing afternoon.

You can purchase the Home Electric Diffuser through Diptyque.