DHS Calls White Supremacy the ‘Most Lethal Threat’ To the U.S.

Johnny Silvercloud/Shutterstock

Department of Homeland Security says white supremacy will remain the most persistent and lethal threat to the United States in 2021.

Kevin McAleenan, Homeland secretary, said that they are “stepping up to focus on targeted violence,” where the attacker, driven by hate, selects the target in advance.

Anti-semitism and racism have caused attacks at synagogues, African-American churches, and public areas in Texas and California.

“The continuing menace of racially-based violent extremism, particularly white supremacist extremism, is an abhorrent affront to our nation, the struggle and unity of its diverse population, and the core values of both our society and our department,” McAleenan stated in a speech in Washington at the Brookings Institute.

The El Paso Walmart shooting back in 2019 was even more devastating for the DHC, as six of the victims were employees of the DHC.

McAleenan said that “the majority of our El Paso team, working to protect our nation, uphold the rule of law, and care for vulnerable migrants arriving at our border is Hispanic.”

“Violent extremists almost certainly will continue their efforts to exploit public fears associated with COVID-19 and social grievances driving lawful protests to incite violence, intimidate targets, and promote their violent extremist ideologies,” the second and third drafts reviewed by Politico said. “Simple tactics – such as vehicle ramming, small arms, edged weapons, arson, and rudimentary improvised explosive devices – probably will be most common.”

DHC has three draft reports that all relay the message of white supremacy being the biggest threat before foreign terrorist groups and disinformation from Russia. Each report repeats the same message of white supremacy being the biggest threat to our country and how these actors could capitalize on their actions across the country. 

Ken Cuccinelli, DHS’s second-in-command says that he has “no qualms criticizing the white supremacy threat, neither does the secretary, neither does the Department of Homeland Security.”

“We recognize when those people act out violently, that they show the highest level of lethality, meaning if you compare the number of violent incidents to the numbers of deaths, the number of deaths relative to the incidents is very high compared to other types of threats.”

Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, asked DHS secretary, Chad Wolf, why the justice department has not charged or arrested the leaders of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

“This is something I’ve talked to the AG personally about, and I know that they are working on it,” Wolf responded. 

Additionally, Attorney General Bill Barr has focused on law enforcement’s actions of vandalism and violence in Portland, Oregon. After U.S. Marshalls killed “100% ANTIFA” murder suspect, Michael Reinoehl, Barr claimed the operation as a success. 

“The tracking down of Reinoehl, a dangerous fugitive, admitted Antifa member, and suspected murderer, is a significant accomplishment in the ongoing effort to restore law and order to Portland and other cities,” Barr said.

This threat assessment was prompted by the DHS in 2019 as a counterterrorism strategy that requires annual reports to the public and government.