Deborah Lippmann Releases New Afternoon Delight Dusty Lavender Creme Nail Polish

Deborah Lippmann

Deborah Lippmann has released the new Afternoon Delight Dusty Lavender Creme gel lab pro polish.

Deborah Lippmann has added the new, gorgeous Dusty Lavender Creme to her award-winning, improved nail polishes. The Dusty Lavender Creme is the perfect color to finish off the Summer with. This polish brings shine and protection to the gel manicure. The common gel manicure we get done at the salon does damage to your nails. It can cause your nails to become thin, gain ridges, and worse. Deborah brings you this polish as a healthy alternative to gel manicures.

Deborah Lippmann

Ten exclusive ingredients in this polish provide many benefits to your nails. Some healthy ingredients that provide protection to the nail include evening primrose, keratin, biotin, green tea extract, bamboo, and rice protein. The polish requires no lamps or tools that bring damage to the nail. What more could you ask for?

There is a simple five-step process in achieving the best healthy manicure to offer, which recommends other Deborah Lippmann products. The first step recommends that you buy “The Stripper.” “The Stripper” is a nail polish remover that includes lavender and aloe. You simply apply the remove on your nail for five seconds and it is gone. For step two, you simply file your nails. In the video below, Lippmann goes into depth on how to exactly file nails for the best results. Step three recommends the Smooth Operator product. This removes ridges and dead nail. It is a four-way buffer file that gently buffs and shines your nail. Step four is when we work on the cuticles. Lippmann has a cuticle remover that hydrates and removes dryness. Lastly, step five is the finish. Lippmann offers a nail primer, five different base coats, and five topcoats. By following all of these steps, your results will leave you with the perfect healthy alternative gel manicure.

Check out Lippmann’s step by step manicure video below.

You can purchase Lippmann’s Afternoon Delight Dusty Lavender Creme gel polish on here on her website.