SZA Surprises Fans With New Music Video for Her Single ‘Hit Different’ Featuring Ty Dolla $ign


SZA released an unexpected yet very much long-awaited and needed music video, as most of the world is still on isolation for COVID-19 and craving new music.

Just an hour before the stroke of midnight, SZA tweeted a photo with the simple caption, “Midnight EST.” 

The image placed her in an empty field, bare and covered in red paint. Within seconds, Twitter erupted in fan reactions, expressing their excitement for new content from the artist. 

Celebrities were keen to also show their enthusiasm for the incredible surprise.

The singer, rapper, and songwriter released her first E.P back in 2013 but rose to fame after her debut album Ctrl in 2017. Landing Grammy nominations and wins, SZA demonstrated to the music industry that women have the power to break down barriers. She showed herself to the world as raw, unique yet real, and an unapologetic voice of what makes her a real woman. Fans were able to relate to her experiences expressed through her music.

The newly released music video is for the single “Hit Different,” produced by the Neptunes and featuring Ty Dolla $ign. SZA shows off her dreamy voice, edgy dance moves, and style throughout the video’s different scenes.

Full of symbolism, the visual places SZA in different locations such as a barn where she shifts from being dressed in white to covered in red paint, then an empty field while covered in red once more and a junkyard where Ty Dolla $ign joins her.

Aesthetically pleasing and beautifully crafted, SZA premiered her directing skills. She placed her first name, Sólana, as her director’s credit. She exudes female empowerment as she directs, sings, dances, surrounds herself with female dancers, and exemplifies her artistic style.

Check out SZA’s breathtaking music video below.

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