Raiche Releases Official Music Video for Her New Single ‘Pick a Side’

Atlantic Records

Raiche, the soul-pop artist of Atlantic Records, has released the official music video for her new hit “Pick a Side.”

Last week, Raiche released her new single “Pick a Side” from her forthcoming debut album. Following this excitement, she has announced the drop of her official music video for the single, directed by the creative Maya Table. In this video, Raiche’s lyrics come to life, showing females how much they can relate to her work.

The music video starts off with Raiche giving fans a never before heard snippet. She stunningly struts down the street, swinging around a baseball bat, singing about how she is done with sneaky men. After her swing at a car, everything transitions into a new theme, and “Pick a Side” takes over.

Atlantic Records

The confusion her lover is bringing to the relationship is driving her crazy, making her question where she stands. The video has Raiche showing many different emotions ranging from angry, sad, confused, and more. She is in a situation where she is not receiving what she wants from the person she wants, consistency. Raiche shows viewers a different style of break-up music videos… you do not go back to the man.

Raiche and her team worked hard to perfect a strong, confident theme for anyone dealing with similar relationship problems. We are used to music videos that show the couple always ending up happily back together and Raiche felt it was about time to give fans a more relatable experience.

Be sure read our Digital Exclusive Cover, which includes a special interview with Raiche, and follow her on both Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date on her new music. You can also check out her website here. We cannot wait to hear more from Raiche and are absolutely living for this new music video.