Rachel Cargle Using Social Media Platform To Raise Awareness


Rachel Cargle uses her social media platform to further build on exposing racial injustices within white feminism.

You may recognize Rachel Cargle from an Instagram photo taken at the 2017 Women’s March in Washington. The Instagram photo went viral; pictured was Rachel Cargle and activist Dana Suchow side by side with both left fists raised in the air. Suchow held a sign that stated, “Protect: Black, Asian, Muslim, Latinx, Disabled, Trans, Fat, Poor, Women.” To the right of Suchow, Cargle is seen holding a sign that states “If You Don’t Fight for All Women You Fight for No Women.”

The photo raised momentum on social media which promoted for Cargle to have a stronger social media presence. She started to share more experiences with white feminism and the lack of representation for black women. In effect of this, the term intersectionality could be seen as reintroduced by Cargle into the mainstream media. Cargle has become known for her conferences with white women, sharing with them the fear and distress faced daily by black women.

Cargle challenges white women to open the conversation about intersectionality within feminism. She faces white women with pressing questions that encourage empathy and a better understanding of the real-life struggles that black women face in America. You can find her doing private lectures or holding public ones where she dissects feminism within America including topics such as the suffrage movement, first-wave feminists, and emphasizes the only way to truly be a feminist is to be an intersectional one.

As Cargole continues to teach about the racial injustice problems the world faces, she remains a hero for all.