Justin Bieber Stars in the Video for DJ Khaled and Drake’s ‘Popstar’


DJ Khaled surprised fans with the video for “Popstar,” but the biggest surprise was Justin Bieber’s appearance.


Last night DJ Khaled dropped the video for “Popstar,” his hit song with Drake that was released in July. He shocked fans by having Justin Bieber in the video performing Drake’s lines instead of Drake himself, leaving “Popstar” trending on Twitter for hours.

The video opened with Drake talking to DJ Khaled on the phone saying that he couldn’t film the video because he is stuck in Canada due to COVID-19 restrictions. He then told Khaled that he had the perfect alternative, which, as we now know is Justin Bieber.

“Popstar” is about living life as a pop star with a huge mansion, luxury cars and girls lined up. Bieber displays this perfectly as he is shown waking up in a trashed mansion with girls sleeping throughout the house.

The video centers around a day-in-life of Bieber, being one of the world’s biggest popstars, throwing a party, having multiple outfit changes, and constantly having girls on his arm. Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and wife Hailey are both featured in the video as well.


Fans are loving the new video, which has already drawn in 11 million views and took claim as the #1 trending video on YouTube. They’re also loving Bieber’s new look, with the old Bieber flipped hair coming back along with a clean-shaven face.

10 years later, Bieber has proven that he’s still got it and he hasn’t lost his touch with his fans. Be sure to check out the video and stream “Popstar,” now available on all music streaming platforms.