Ashley Graham Shares Her New Podcast ‘Listen up With Ashley Graham’

lev radin/Shutterstock

Supermodel Ashley Graham has recently shared her new Instagram Live Podcast Talk.

Back in January, Graham gave birth to her seven-month-old son, Isaac. Being a mother during the pandemic is no easy task and Graham is willing to share her experience through a new podcast. Last week, the model shared “Listen up With Ashley Graham” which is a three-part Instagram Live Podcast Talk on Spotify. The discussion included what she does to stay entertained while being a new mother and getting used to a new lifestyle during COVID-19.

Graham herself enjoys listening to podcasts during her busy schedule, as she stated, “Everybody’s at home and everybody’s having to get creative with how they’re living, what their new schedule is, how they’re running their business, how they’re running their households, how they’re even treating themselves, and I think podcasts are a great way for you to understand how to have help in those avenues.”

Back in 2018, Graham hosted her podcast “Pretty Big Deal” which was a chance for fans to ask any questions they had for the model. Her new podcast “Listen up with Ashley Graham” started with her discussing her life as a new mother as she shared “I have a 7-month-old now and everything feels brand-new to me.” She later discusses “Motherhood Session”, a podcast featuring psychiatrist Dr. Alexandra Sacks who shares her own conversations with other mothers.

We are excited to hear how the model is handling life as a new mother during COVID-19. Take a listen to Graham’s new podcast talk on Spotify, and support her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.