‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Welcomes First Non-Binary and Transgender Characters to the Series

Blu del Barrio (Photo Credit: Phil Sharp), Ian Alexander (Photo Credit: Jake Akita)

Star Trek continues to defy television tropes as it prepares to introduce the first non-binary and transgender characters.

For the upcoming third season of Star Trek: Discovery, it has been revealed that the show will be adding their first non-binary and transgender characters in the history of the Star Trek franchise.

Ian Alexander will be portraying a transgender Trill named Gray. Blu del Barrio will be playing the non-binary character, Adira.

Alexander, as of this year, is a 19-year-old transgender male, best known for his work on Netflix’s The OA and The Last of Us Part II. In an interview back in 2019, Alexander shared how he was only 17 when he got cast for The OA and had no experience acting before his audition. He describes how it warms his heart to see people like him relate to his character and give them the initiative to discover who they are.

Del Barrio is a non-binary actor who uses they/them pronouns. In a recent interview, they explained how they were in their last year at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art when they auditioned for the role of Adira.

Del Barrio expressed how everything occurred so quickly and how they feel incredibly lucky. They also opened up about the lack of education on the LGBTQ+ community in the US educational curriculum. Del Barrio emphasizes how such an approach will stop the frustration non-binary children and people feel for not being understood by others. They hope to make an impact and inspire those who watch Adira develop and grow throughout the season.

Representation is crucial and adding more non-binary and transgender characters to shows and movies is necessary. Our screens should reflect the people in our world and the audience should be able to see themselves on their screens. We are so glad Star Trek is taking this important step.

Watch this season of Star Trek: Discovery coming this October on CBS and witness Alexander and del Barrio as they change the entertainment industry one character at a time.