President Trump Suggests Voter Fraud to Test Election System

Steve Heap/ Shutterstock

President Trump made an interesting suggestion to voters about the upcoming election when speaking with reporters in North Carolina on Wednesday.

Evan El-Amin/ Shutterstock

To test if the voting system is “as good as they say it is,” the President suggested North Carolinians vote twice, once by mail and again by in-person voting. This suggestion comes after weeks of the President attempting to discredit the mail-in process, saying that election results would not be accurate due to voter fraud. However, what he suggested voters in NC to do is just that, voter fraud. Intentionally voting twice in one election is illegal and a felony. The Attorney General of North Carolina, Josh Stein, took to Twitter to warn the state not to vote twice.

This sudden change in tune may be due to the concerns that the President is stirring up within his base. Aides have been warning the President that the doubt he is casting on the security of mail-in voting may discourage his supporters from voting in November. Attorney General William Barr has also been echoing the President’s concerns about mail-in voting, stating the process has seen “substantial fraud and coercion.”Fact-checkers have been going above and beyond to debunk these false claims and encourage voters to use absentee ballots, if needed, and to only vote once.

The debate on the best way to vote has been constant conversation; the concern of long voting lines has been exacerbated by COVID-19 and the need to vote without compromising the health of voters. All U.S. citizens need to know that they can vote, however they chose to, and that their vote will be counted. This is shaping up to be one of the most important elections in U.S. history, and the battle has been raging to deem mail-in voting illegitimate as a scare tactic. It is the job of our state officials to reassure their citizens that every vote counts, and double votes will not.

We encourage our readers to stay informed, not only about the National election but all potential leaders in your local community. Change can start at the local level, and who we chose to lead our states is just as important as who we chose to lead our country. The election is two months away, if you have not registered to vote, please take some to register here.