Black Lives Matter Protests Begin in Rochester, New York in Support of Daniel Prude


Newfound footage of Daniel Prude’s suffocation has sparked Black Lives Matter protests throughout Rochester, New York.

On March 23, 41-year-old Daniel Prude had a mental health episode in which Prude’s brother called police to try and help in the situation. When officers arrived on the scene they grabbed Prude, handcuffed him while he was naked, and knelt on top of him.

Prude was rushed to the hospital but was proclaimed brain dead and put on life support. Seven days later, on March 30, Daniel Prude passed away

On Wednesday, Sept. 2, new bodycam footage was found, showing the officers who arrested 41-year-old Daniel Prude putting a hood over Prude’s head and pressing it into the pavement for 2 minutes until he was unresponsive. After his family and lawyers looked into autopsy reports, the examiner ruled that Prude’s death was due to complications as a result of physical restraint.

As this information and bodycam footage has been released to the public, Black Lives Matter protesters have taken to the streets to demand justice for Daniel. Sept. 2, protestors gathered around the Monroe County Public Safety Building, which ended in police officers pepper-spraying and tear-gassing the crowd.

Later, protestors moved to the area in which Prude was arrested, demanding that the officers involved in the killing be fired and held accountable for their actions. Prude’s family also intends to file against the police department.