Sara Ramirez Comes Out as Non-Binary in Inspirational Instagram Post

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Sara Ramirez, who is best known for playing orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Callie Torres, on Grey’s Anatomy has revealed herself as gender non-binary in a powerful and inspirational Instagram post.

She made the influential announcement with an Instagram selfie while wearing a purple shirt and displaying a confident look. Ramirez captioned with, “New profile pic. In me is the capacity to be Girlish boy, Boyish girl, Boyish boy, Girlish girl, All, Neither.” She also added the hashtag #nonbinary and multiple different colored hearts.

On her social media bios, Ramirez stated a preference for the pronouns “she/they.”


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New profile pic. In me is the capacity to be Girlish boy Boyish girl Boyish boy Girlish girl All Neither #nonbinary ♥️♥️

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Ramirez’s coming out story has garnered positive reactions all around the world. Black transgender queen, Miss Peppermint, who starred in season 9 of Ru Paul Drag’s Race, offered her support via Twitter.

Her character, Dr. Torres, also served as representation and inspiration to the LGBTQ+ community as she embarked on a brief relationship with female surgeon, Erica Hahn, which created an inner-struggle with her bisexuality and formed tension with parents.

She eventually meets and falls in love with pediatric surgeon, Dr. Arizona Robbins. They get married and she gives birth to their daughter, Sofia. They ended up getting a divorce but continued co-parenting their daughter. When both characters left the show (at separate points) they ended up in the same city so fans like to believe they got a happy ending.

Ramirez has always been an advocate for the LGBTQ rights, receiving an Ally for Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation in 2015. She came out as queer and bisexual in 2016.

Fans everywhere continue to be inspired by Ramirez every day and this only adds to that. We are so happy that she could share her truth and hope she lives her very best and happiest life.