Netflix Is Bringing Out Powerful Strong Black Leads

Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment

A small team at Netflix is bringing out diversity with their new Strong Black Lead category.

Recently, Netflix announced that they will be releasing seven classic sitcoms on the streaming platform, all of which star black leads. These shows include Sister Sister, Moesha, The Parkers, Girlfriends, The Game, One on One, and Half & Half. The purpose of Strong Black Lead is to bring power, awareness, and honor to Black Hollywood.


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As mentioned by Netflix’s manager, Bradley Edwards, and content acquisition, Jasmyn Lawson, “The goal of Strong Black Lead is to celebrate and lift up Black Hollywood. These trailblazing shows are a huge part of that story. From the classic clown funeral episode of The Parkers to Moesha’s mind-tripping meet-up with Brandy, we’re thrilled that our members can now enjoy these amazing classics.”

Furthermore, they shared how the shows relate to them, and how it could make an impact on others. The two added “We admit it, we grew up watching a lot of TV. And some of the beloved black sitcoms of the Nineties and early aughts had a huge impact on us. These shows made us laugh, and cry and sing along with those catchy theme songs. And most importantly, we felt like we saw ourselves on screen — in some cases for the very first time. Every week we were able to tune in to see people, families, and friends that looked like us and characters whose everyday ups and downs reflected black life in an authentic way.”

Strong Black Lead is created from a simple suggestion from black workers at Netflix. The director of editorial at Netflix, Maya Watson shared “You can’t be a successful brand without having the trust and the equity of Black consumers, all of us who have been Black at work know that, and I think sometimes it takes corporations a minute to catch up. But at Netflix, we’re a small group of Black people who were like, ‘We want to go build some stuff for the Black audience,’ and they’re like, ‘Okay, what do you need?’.” These shows are a way for Netflix to inspire black people and spread awareness of diversity.

Fans were more than happy to see their favorite classic sitcoms on Netflix. They made it clear that this is exactly the type of nostalgia are loving to see on the streaming platform.

We are excited to see Netflix taking this stride towards better diversity and a more inclusive environment for their audience. Make sure to check out these shows on Netflix and follow Strong Black Lead on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.