Marisol Nichols‘ Undercover Fight Against Sex Trafficking Is Being Turned Into a Series by Sony Pictures Television


Warning: This article discusses sex trafficking. If you or someone you know needs support please call
1-888-373-7888 or visit the website for the National Human Trafficking Hotline here

Despite being on the hit series Riverdale, Marisol Nichols still found time to take on the challenge of being an undercover agent in the fight against sex trafficking.

Nichols is known for her role as Hermione Lodge in the CW’s Riverdale and was also on MTV’s Teen Wolf. She is going to be in the upcoming film Spiral, which is part of the Saw series. On top of that, she was also in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Law & Order: SVU, and Cold Case. According to Marie Claire’s latest article on Nichols by Erika Hayasaki, Marisol is not a stranger to playing the role of a cop and has researched various roles by doing actual ride-alongs with detectives.

According to Deadline, Nichols’ story is now being turned into a television series after Sony Pictures Television optioned rights to her story. They are in the early stages of development for this project. Nichols will executive produce and probably star in the television series.

Nichols has opened up about her time undercover. Hayasaki wrote, “She is not on a Hollywood set, but she is playing a role—the role of parent pimping out a child or, depending on what the situation calls for, the role of a child being pimped out to a guy: a dirtbag on his way to a dismal motel to have sex with an 11-year-old girl who doesn’t exist.” Nichols would send a message pretending to be the child’s father, using code words.

“Unlike the other roles she’s been cast in, Nichols isn’t being paid for this performance. She flew herself here, halfway across the country from her home in Los Angeles to this midsize midwestern city for the two-day op. She has participated in a half dozen child-sex stings around the world over the last five years, always as a volunteer,” writes Hayasaki.

She started Foundation for a Slavery Free World (her nonprofit organization) in 2014. According to Marie Claire, “Nichols connected with a former special agent for the Department of Homeland Security who works privately on Internet crimes against kids and child sex tourism.”

She plays the role of trafficker attracting adults who want to sleep with children when on the internet. Meanwhile, on the phone, she fakes the voice of a child. Nichols also “dresses the part in case a perp glimpses her through the window,” states Marie Claire. Nichols says that most of these guys are “wimps,” “cowards,” and “sick men who want to take advantage of a girl.”

Marie Claire states that if Nichols entices predators with her methods or her own operation, the lead deputies will arrest and book them too. You can read the full article from Marie Claire with a lot more details here.

We are so proud of and inspired by Nichols’ devotion and dedication to this cause. We cannot wait to hear more about the series and cannot wait to see all the good Nichols did during her time undercover.