Freeform Releases 31 Nights of Halloween Schedule


Prepare for a spooky month because Freeform has just released their 31 Nights of Halloween schedule for the month of October.

Were you scared that ‘Rona would make Freeform cancel its 31 Nights of Halloween? Fear not because Freeform just dropped its schedule. I’m sure you have fond memories of films such as The Addams Family, Casper, and Ghostbusters so get excited because all of those made the list.

If you aren’t familiar with all of the films on the list, here’s a breakdown of the classics:

Animated Ghosts: Get your fix of softer scares from films like Hotel Transylvania, Monsters, Inc., and special Simpsons episodes.

Disney Classics: Who doesn’t love the heartwarming nature of the Halloweentown series? The courage and sisterhood of the Twitches films? The infamous Hocus Pocus that plays almost every day in the month of October? As far as classics go, that is a must-watch and fun for the whole family. 

Gothic Ghouls: Tim Burton’s mind practically lives in Halloween and all of his films are synonymous with this holiday. The incredible stop-motion animation films of The Night Before Christmas and Corpse Bride hold a special place in the genre with its painstaking attention to detail. The bewitched dance scene in Beetlejuice will never be forgotten. Sleepy Hollow breathing life into the beloved Headless Horseman.

The films run back-to-back every day of October so don’t worry if you miss one, you can be sure it will be playing again soon. However, the most dedicated witches and vamps know that Halloween already started on September 1st and will be celebrating up until All Hallows Eve.

Get ready because next month will definitely be a fun one, happy haunting, and make sure to mark your calendars for your Halloween favorites.