Bryson Tiller Trends on Twitter After Hinting at New Music


It’s been three years since Bryson Tiller’s sophomore album True to Self was released, and fans are getting impatient with the R&B star.

Tiller set twitter on fire Wednesday afternoon with tweets that insisted he had plenty of new music coming for his followers. What started as a meme posted to his account turned into a swirl of pleads from his fans for him to drop the music and drop it soon.

Tiller first came on the scene in 2015 with his debut album TRAPSOUL, with an incredibly unique sound that explained itself, a blend of nostalgic 90’s soul and modern hip-hop. Determined not to be a one-hit-wonder with the single “Don’t,” Tiller took his time to craft his second album, and his hard work paid off with True to Self debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 charts. Now three years have gone by and avid R&B lovers are running out of patience, teasing the star about the long wait.

Known to be a star that stays away from the limelight, fans do not hear or see much of Tiller between albums. He is not highly active on social media, and his personal life is not a constant topic in the news or blogs. The mystery of his personal life has always created a thrill and certain anticipation when it comes to his music. Fans use the albums as a peek into their favorite’s life and learn what goes on in his mind.

Tiller has spent his downtime between albums building a family and bettering himself. Tiller welcomed a second daughter in 2019, with his current girlfriend Kendra Bailey. He also finally completed high school in June of 2020 after dropping out in his teens.
Tiller fans everywhere are excited to hear that the R&B singer has also spent some of his downtime making more great music that we all cannot wait to hear.