Voting During a Pandemic and Why Your Vote Matters


Voting has become a very popular topic amongst influencers, celebrities, politicians, and even those around us daily.

Whether it is on television, at award shows, or even at school, voting is highly encouraged. Without voting, there would be no democracy that we have now, and our voices would be silent. Voting gives citizens the outlet needed to be accurately represented by those in power with the same morals and ethics. This election has been noted as one of the most extraordinary in history as we are not only voting during a global pandemic but also during a time where many conflicts are present throughout the country.

Even amidst a pandemic where social distancing is an absolute requirement, voting is being made possible. Voting is still happening and with your help, it can completely change the influences in Washington right now and the direction our country is heading. With Black Lives Matter protests amidst and coronavirus, this time can feel overwhelming and out of control. Voting is a way you can take control of your future and the well being of those around you.

The USPS has recently been celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote on August 18 in the year 1920. They have released new stamps in honor of only a few of the women who made this possible in America.

Currently, many states are adapting their own choice on how to vote in the upcoming elections. While, some states are permitting voting by mail, others have enforced in-person voting following the CDC’s guidelines according to However your state chooses to move forward with voting amidst the pandemic, it is encouraged you vote. Voting is the way we not only make change happen in the present but for future generations to come. As the first black woman elected to congress ‘Shirly Chisholm’ puts it “The one thing you’ve got going: your one vote”.

Many celebrities were vocal on social media about voting in the 2018 midterm elections. Viola Davis has constantly shown her support for Black Lives Matter and emphasizes the importance of voting.

Mindy Kaling thanks the 14th amendment for allowing her the opportunity to vote in 2018. She has shared with her fans resources on how to vote and the importance each vote has.

The creator of Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda, was happy to share news of his successful voting experience. Although the voting booth lines were long Miranda claims that he was happy to wait in the line in 2018.

Each vote has power which means that yours does too. Please visit more information on how to register and the rules each state has on voting in the upcoming election.