Drones Will Soon Deliver Your Packages Thanks To Amazon Air Prime


Amazon has finally gotten the approval to deliver packages to your house via drone.

How would you feel if your package was delivered to your house through the sky? That’s right, your packages could soon be arriving through the air. There is some real progress in the drone delivery project CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, spoke of since 2013.

On August 31, The Federal Aviation Administration had granted Amazon to deliver packages by drone, which will be known as Amazon Prime Air. Amazon has been working in drone delivery for years now, but it was delayed by regulatory hurdles. The approval is one step closer to cutting delivery times down to 30 minutes or less. The company was required to submit evidence of safety and to demonstrate the operations for the agency.

The project started in December 2013. It wasn’t until three years later that they did their first drone delivery in Britain in 2016. Progress with this air-delivery has since been slow. However, in June 2019, Jeff Wilke said the company planned to deliver by drone within months. Last year, Amazon revealed that their self-piloting electric drones can carry up to five pounds of goods.


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Amazon is the third drone delivery service to receive flight approval by the FAA. Both UPS and Google Wing’s got the approval last year. Interest in this form of delivery has highly increased due to the ongoing pandemic.