Check Out Becky G’s New Sunglasses Collection Partnered With Dime Optics

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Becky G had recently released her first-ever Eyewear Collection.

On August 27, Becky G had made her first Eyewear collection debut. She partnered up with DIME Optics to deliver sunglasses that are said to be inspired by her Mexican-American California roots. The collection features eight versatile sunglasses for $30 each pair, in hopes of making it affordable for consumers. These sunglasses also gives protection to the eyes, as they consist of polarized lenses and blue light. The singer mentions she targets the eyewear for students and individuals who needs protection for their eyes and stated, “That’s important because one of my responsibilities as an artist is to know that my audience, at the end of the day, is mostly hard-working individuals who are still going to school and I want them to know that they will be investing in something that’s worth it. The blue lenses are my favorite from this collection because they protect your eyes, we’re doing a lot of Zoom calls nowadays, working from home, watching TV on our cellphones and the blue lens helps protect the eyes from any further damages caused by technology.”

The “Mayores” singer had worked with other fashion companies in the past. She receives inspiration from not only music but fashion as well. Back in April, the pop singer became the brand ambassador for the online fashion retailer PrettyLittleThings and released a clothing collection. The artist spoke about her inspiration beyond music. Recently, she mentions in Billboard, “For me, it’s really important to be that open book that I’ve always been since the beginning of my career and the truth is, many things inspire me beyond just music, to be able to transition into something new is exciting for me but also comes very naturally.” It is no secret the popularity and influence she has over her fans, as her eyewear collection had sold out in only a few days after the release. Fans of the singer have given tremendous support and had been more than happy about the news.

Check out the new eyewear line at Dime Optics. Also, don’t forget to support both Dime Optics and Becky G on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.