Adrienne Bailon Shares Healthy Quarantine Habits on ‘All Things Adrienne’ YouTube Channel


Adrienne Bailon got candid with fans on her YouTube channel, All Things Adrienne, and passed along healthy habits and tips that she has incorporated into her daily life since quarantine.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Adrienne felt sharing these wellness tips would help viewers not only benefit their bodies, but “our minds, our hearts, and our spirits.”

Adrienne walked her audience through her daily routine, beginning with the second she awakens.  She mentioned that one of her proudest healthy habits is waking up extra early. She continued her reasoning in being an early riser is to “get her spirit right for the day.” She later partakes in early morning prayer and an immune-boosting smoothie to help kick-start her day.

“My alarm goes off and I don’t go to Instagram, I don’t go to social media, I don’t go to check my work text messages or my emails, I literally pause at that moment and tap into that attitude of gratitude,” said Adrienne.

Adrienne then carries on with her morning by devoting time to meditating, both alone and with her family.

“Meditation for me has been so important and it’s something I would really recommend to anybody just so you can learn how to be still. It really is amazing how powerful our minds are and how important it is to keep our minds healthy,” she said. After clearing her mind, Adrienne proceeds with her daily workout which she has noticed a major improvement in her energy since she has stuck to a workout regiment.

Lastly, Adrienne emphasized on the importance of water and keeping your body hydrated. She added that to make daily water intake a bit more thrilling, she and her family have started a water competition.

“As a family, we’ve been doing a water challenge where we try to see who can drink the most water … It’s just to motivate ourselves and motivate each other to drink water because that’s so important and that’s a huge part of staying healthy,” she continued.

To view the full video of All things Adrienne, “Healthy Habits to Keep in Quarantine,” click here.