Sasha Sloan Releases a New Song, ‘Lie’ and Talks About Her Upcoming Album ‘Only Child’

Kate Biel/RCA Records

On August 6, 2020, Sasha Sloan released her first single, “Lie,” from her forthcoming debut album, Only Child.

Sloan is an indie-pop singer-songwriter. She is known for her songs, “Older” and “Dancing With Your Ghost,” which gained nearly 200 million streams on Spotify.

Sloan’s newest single, “Lie,” centers around a one-sided romantic relationship. While love is withering away, the protagonist refuses to let go of the past. Sloan sings, “I want you to / Lie, lie / Right to my face / I want you to put your hands on my waist / Can we just dance ’til the sky’s awake? / ‘Cause I really can’t get my heart broken tonight.”

Despite the track’s reflective and intricate lyrics, “Lie” contains a dynamic steady beat and encourages the listener to ponder their lives. In “Lie,” Sloan uses both poetic and musical meter to give the song a nostalgic feel. She also highlights convoluted human emotions and not wanting to let go of someone who doesn’t love them back.

Sloan’s fourth album, Only Child, will be released this upcoming fall, and “Lie” is only a sneak peek of what’s to come.

In a short time, Sloan has captured the hearts of millions of people. Because of her sincere and discerning lyrics, Sloan helps her listeners to examine themselves from within and heal from painful experiences. Click the link down below to listen to Sasha Sloan’s “Lie.”

As we anxiously wait for Sasha Sloan’s new album, make sure to check out more of her music, such as “This Town,” “Too Sad To Cry,” and “Older.”