Kelly Rowland Weighs in on the Cancel Culture Debate and Shares an Enduring Message


NBC/Heidi Gutman

2020 has seen the rise of cancel culture and now, Kelly Rowland has weighed in on the debate by sharing her thoughts on the trend that’s swept across social media.

‘Cancel culture’ refers to using online platforms to withdraw support from those deemed offensive and it’s become a hot topic generating complex debates on just how far we can take the trend. Taking to Instagram, Kelly Rowland shared her thoughts on canceling as she commented on how “In this cancel culture we live in,” she was grateful to remain an active online presence.

The songstress also had an enduring message to share with her audience as she reminded them to “not to judge others” and implored everybody to “lead with love and kindness” in the world.


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Cancel culture has drawn strong opinions on both sides of the debate. Many celebrities have already contributed to the discussion, either to push for its instrumental usage, such as with Jameela Jamil’s support in aid of the progression of the #MeToo movement or to highlight the dangers of desensitizing the word.

Kellly’s message follows Harper’s Bazaar publication which saw over 150 public figures sign a letter addressing the need for mindfulness and respect during open social media debates. Among the signatories were prominent authors such as Margaret Attwood.

While cancel culture has the power to make constructive changes, Kelly’s message is above all a powerful reminder of the responsibility we all have to ensure online platforms remain a positive space, especially in these uncertain times.