Grab Your Tissues, Hulu Cancels ‘High Fidelity’ After Only One Season

Lev Radin/Shutterstock

On August 5, the stars of Hulu’s High Fidelity were notified that the show would be canceled after its first season.

The show’s star and executive producer, Zoë Kravitz, broke the news of the cancellation on Instagram. The actress gave a heartwarming goodbye to her castmates and thanked all that supported the show during its short run. 

The news came as a shock to fans after the show received positive reviews and reactions after its debut. High Fidelity trended on Twitter for hours after upset fans and celebrities rushed to the site to tweet their thoughts and opinions on the cancellation.

Fans expressed their sorrows on Twitter.

Despite receiving positive feedback, the show received zero Emmy nominations, which were just announced at the end of July, but other Hulu originals such as Little Fires Everywhere, The Handmaid’s Tale, Ramy, Normal People, and The Great received a lot of recognition. 

The show, which just debuted earlier this year, was an adaptation of the 1995 novel by Nick Hornby and was also made into a film in 2000. The show centers around Rob, played by Kravtiz, who owns a record store in Brooklyn. Rob uses her love for music to reminiscence on and reconnect with old lovers. The show was originally meant to be released on Disney+. 

Hulu has yet to mention the show’s cancellation on their social media accounts and Kravitz is the only member of the cast and/or crew to release a statement. Fans are calling for the show to be restored, but who knows the likelihood of that happening. 

Be sure to catch the show’s one and only season on Hulu.