Dana Jackson Creates the Pure Hair and Skincare Line of Your Dreams

This non-toxic hair and body care brand are what your dreams are made of, and made with 100 percent love.

Dana Jackson is the creator of the brand Beneath Your Mask. It is a non-toxic hair and skincare brand she brought to life to fill a gap in the market. Jackson’s story of how she came to found her line, designed to reverse the toxic effects of environmental hazards, is truly astounding.

Life seemed as if a dream for Jackson, as she had just moved to Atlanta and celebrated her 30th birthday. Still, she was met with an unexpected turn, as she was diagnosed with lupus and lupus nephritis. Her struggles birthed the idea for her immensely clean brand as she experienced the toilsome task of seeking out personal care products that were clean and safe for her to use.

In an interview with Poosh, Jackson illustrates her journey through the dark tunnel with a light that waited for her at the end. “Beneath Your Mask launched December 2016 and was created to reverse the toxic effects of environmental hazards, health challenges, stress, and other unforgiving aspects of our lifestyles,” illuminated Jackson.

“After being diagnosed with lupus and lupus nephritis and losing all of my hair, gaining 100 pounds in water weight, and having rashes head to toe, I did an intensive healing regimen of Eastern and Western medicine,” she remarked.

The explicit detail of her struggle continues, “I became hyper-sensitive about what I was putting on my body and wanted to repair the damage done to my skin and hair in a way that was non-toxic and not going to further challenge my immune system. I was taking a regimen of 50-plus supplements a day, so it was important to me that my beauty was not only clean and effective but that it was luxe, chic, and felt ‘normal.’” Her extraordinary circumstances became an extraordinary gift to all.


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The ultimate multitasking oil that can be used head to toe and is nourishing to the very last drop! Supercharged with a potent cocktail of pure plant and essential oils, Nourish brings new life to skin and hair as it naturally heals imperfections and resolves underlying issues. For flawless hair: Nourish can be used as a lightweight oil after styling, heat protectant before styling, hair mask, overnight treatment, hot oil treatment, massaged directly into scalp and edges, or mixed with your favorite conditioner for deeper penetration and conditioning. For glowing skin: Massage a couple of drops onto damp face in evening or under sunblock, mix a few drops with our Illuminate Clarifying Face Mask or apply directly to scars, skin discoloration, rashes and stretch marks. Questions on how to use, ask is below!✨⠀ • @thecleanbeautybox⠀

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Her products are inspired by her real-life personal experience, ensuring the care that went into their making. She voices the brand’s loving mission statement: “To not only share the products that helped repair my skin and hair, but to show others recently diagnosed with lupus that there is beauty on the other side of their own journey.” Her words are steeples of hope.

Her heart is set out to make a difference without always making the dollar, too: “Lupus disproportionately impacts minority women,” she clarifies. “Each quarter, we gift our collection to a minority woman affected by lupus because I attribute a large part of my healing to lifestyle adjustments. Oftentimes, after medication and co-pays, there isn’t enough money left over for self-care.” Clearly, she knows how to do unto others.

Every single product on the line is made with 11 to 18 active ingredients that are pure, luxurious, all-natural, and healing. None of them contain any water, phosphates, parabens, sulfates, gluten, toxins, GMOs, or synthetic colors and fragrances.

If you are yearning for head-to-toe purity and full details on Dana Jackon’s life-changing story, you can purchase Beneath Your Mask products and virtually meet her here.