We Guarantee That This Video of John Stamos’ Son Will Make Your Day

Michael Yarish / Netflix

John Stamos might be an actor, but his love of music is widely known, and based on a video he posted of his son last week, it’s clear that he is passing that appreciation on.

John Stamos and girlfriend Caitlin McHugh had their son Billy in 2018, so while he might only be two years old, he is already an old soul.

Last week, on July 31, Stamos took to Instagram to share a video of his pride and joy – which may or may not be his collection of original Beatles dolls.

That’s right, in the video Stamos is holding a crying Billy in his arms. Why is he crying? Because he wants to kiss the replicas of the sixties rock band before he goes to bed. 

How many two-year-olds want to say goodnight to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison? Not many, but Billy Stamos does, and it is the sweetest thing.

Although it’s not just the Beatles that John Stamos’ son wants to say goodnight to. He also says goodnight to a figurine of the silent movie star, Charlie Chaplin. 


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Who’s your favorite Beatle to kiss?

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“Who’s your favorite Beatle to kiss?” The actor captioned the video, of which many of his famous friends showed their love on, including musician Jacob Tolliver and Twilight star Taylor Lautner.

“Haha Hahahah! What a sweet soul!” commented his former Fuller House co-star, Juan Pablo DiPace.

With a love for the Beatles and an appreciation of good night kisses, it’s clear that the son of Stamos and McHugh is going to be one adorable, charming, and cultured little boy.