Troye Sivan Drops Nostalgic New Single, ‘Rager Teenager!’

Capitol Records

The Bloom singer surprised fans with a brand new track from his upcoming EP, In a Dream.

Fans are counting the days until they get to listen to more songs from Troye Sivan. Thankfully, the singer decided to give them a glimpse of what’s to come. On August 5, Sivan unexpectedly dropped a new single, “Rager Teenager!”

“Rager Teenager!” is the third song from Sivan’s upcoming EP, In a Dream, following the singles “Take Yourself Home” and “Easy.” A calm, nostalgic track, “Rager Teenager!” has Sivan wishing to go back to his angst-ridden, wild teenage years.

Hours before dropping the single, Sivan teased fans about it on social media. He tweeted several of the lyrics without context, leaving several fans confused or clueless in the comments. Later, he shared a voice note regarding the song, announcing that it would be released in two and a half hours.

“So what if it’s this concept of you’re talking to, essentially, your young self, and this part of you that you forgot over the years?”  Sivan shared in the voice note. “What if it’s like a letter to your old self kind of thing, and almost like a little bit of hope for the future?”

Along with the single, Sivan also dropped a music video for “Rager Teenager!” The self-produced and directed single-shot video shows him in a bathtub, singing while fiddling with some origami. In his more melancholic moments, he lowers himself in the tub, and a wavy special effect blurs his image.

Sivan’s In a Dream will be released on August 21st. If “Rager Teenager!” is any indication of it, the upcoming EP will be a hit, and we can hardly wait for it.

You can listen to “Rager Teenager!” on the clip above or on Spotify.