The Ziegler Sisters Are Keeping Busy in the Cutest Way With Instagram Video Installments

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler are staying busy with the cutest sister video installments.

The series was started by little sis Kenzie and is titled “The Four.” Kenzie will be doing various installments of four videos interviewing or hanging out with one specific person. The first set of videos starred her sister Maddie. The two multi-faceted young celebrities are active on their social media, engaging with fans through music, dance, makeup, and beyond.

The first video was a simple yet hilarious conversation between the two sisters, with Kenzie asking Maddie various questions. Fans got an inside look into the life of not only Maddie but Kenzie as well as the sister’s shared memories and favorite activities such as their love for redecorating Kenzie’s room. The bond between the two is clear in this first installment and will make you laugh, smile, and feel way more connected to the Ziegler clan.

The second installment, which is also adorable, features Maddie doing a bold eye makeup look on Kenzie. Makeup seems to be more Maddie’s expertise and that is why Kenzie decided to do a makeup tutorial style video for the second round.

Watching the two bond over the makeover in a silly way reminds us of just how cute the unstoppable sister pair truly is. Make sure to keep up with Kenzie’s Instagram page for more of these adorable moments.