‘The Kissing Booth 2’ Cast Design Face Masks for Charity

Variant Malibu

Just when you thought Netflix’s The Kissing Booth movies couldn’t make your heart flutter more, it’s about to burst.

The Kissing Booth 2 cast collaborated with the fashion tech company Variant Malibu in the name of giving back. Five of your favorite TKB2 cast members each individually designed a mask and for every one sold, $15 will be donated to a foundation of the actor’s choice.


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Joey King, who plays the beloved “Elle Evans,” designed a red and black mask. Appropriately, her mask features a pair of bright red lips on the front. Joey’s charity of choice is the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Her selection is from a place of personal love, as she describes CHLA in a video posted on Variant Malibu’s Instagram as “very near and dear to my heart. I’ve been working with the children’s hospital for many, many years now.”

Taylor Zakhar Perez, who plays the role of “Marco” the new guy on the block, designed a black and white mask in the representation of his adoration for the ocean. Taylor’s donation will be in support of the non-profit community-based organization El Valor. Its name means “courage,” via the website. It reaches thousands of kids and adults with disabilities and their families throughout the Chicagoland area. “I have disabled family members, young and old,” wrote Taylor on his Instagram. “Their journeys have not been the easiest but have been lucky to have the familial support. Many don’t.”

Joel Courtney, Elle’s BFF “Lee Flynn,” designed a black and grey mask featuring a heart with a cross. Joel breaks down the meaning behind his mask’s design: “It basically means to speak love. I think everyone can use a little more of that, especially now, life is crazy.” His charity of choice is the Lollipop Theatre Network. This is an organization he has been working with for the past whopping eight years.

He describes who they are saying, “They’re a company that takes entertainment and movies to kids and families who’ve been in the hospital for a long period of time.”

Meganne Young, aka Lee’s girlfriend “Rachel,” designed a mask featuring the shape of a lady wearing an African headdress. All proceeds will go to an organization from her home country of South Africa (also where TKB2 was also filmed), Femmeprojects. “Their education programs focus on choice, sexual rights, consent, sexuality, gender and puberty,” Meganna explains. “In the fight against gender-based violence, I believe education is the key weapon.”


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Meganne Young + Femmeprojects 🔳 Femmeprojects’ directorship is all POC, queer, and youth led. Femmeprojects NPC was created in 2014, we focus on Comprehensive Sexual Education(CSE) and Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) curriculum for learners enrolled at under resourced schools based in rural and urban communities across the Western Cape in South Africa. Our programs focus on choice, sexual rights, consent, safer sex practice, sexuality and puberty. Our workshops are age specific, inclusive, interactive and from a feminist approach to Gender Identity & Expression, CSE & SRHR education. We have facilitated over 5000 learners using a taboo-free, safe space educational approach. Check out @youngmeganne_’s mask at VariantMalibu.com.

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Last but not least, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who plays “Chloe Winthrop,” created a black and white mask where all proceeds will go to The Triangle Project. This organization supports LGBTQ+ youth in South Africa. She explains who they are: “They provide free sexual health services, counseling, public education, support groups.”

Maisie continues adding important details: “…and also provide safe spaces within high risk areas for LGBTQ+ to exist safely. They also provide legal support and advice for victims of hate crime and homophobia.”

You can make your donation to help change lives by purchasing a mask designed by your favorite TKB2 stars from Variant Malibu here.