Miley Cyrus Releases a Sneak Peak of Her New Song ‘Midnight Sky’


The popular singer just teased new music, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

Miley Cyrus is making a comeback. It has been more than a year since her EP, She Is Coming, was released and nearly 12 months since “Slide Away” was dropped, the songstress has finally decided to make her return to the music world. Earlier today, Cyrus released a preview of “Midnight Sky” via Instagram’s latest format, Instagram Reels, featuring disco ball graphics that gave off a glamorous ’70s party vibe to match the soundtrack.


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Even though it has been a while since the artist released new music, she wasn’t planning on delaying her comeback this long. Cyrus told WSJ. Magazine (via People) that she had finished her upcoming record in May, but given the coronavirus pandemic, she found it hard to “feel appropriate releasing music at this time.”

“I made a record that’s kind of rock-influenced, hence my mullet. This was not just a random Wednesday Tiger King haircut,” she explained. “This was to go with the new music, but now I’m rolling through Calabasas with a Joe Exotic mullet.”

A day before she released the teaser, Cyrus posted a throwback video of herself performing with the caption, “Meet Miley Cyrus….. again. #SheIsComing #ButForRealThisTime”—seemingly a reference to her delayed seventh studio album, She Is Miley Cyrus.


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Meet Miley Cyrus….. again. #SheIsComing #ButForRealThisTime

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And it wasn’t long before fans took to Twitter to express their excitement.

You could say some fans are counting down the days.

We are so happy for Miley and we can’t wait to hear the full song.