Mark Your Calendars for Netflix’s New Family-Adventure Film ‘The Sleepover’


Netflix just released the trailer for the family-friendly comedy-adventure movie The Sleepover, with the release date set for August 21st. 

The movie tells the story of the Finch family, who live a regular suburban life until the parents are kidnapped by a crew of international thieves. Unknown to her husband and children, Margot Finch, played by Malin Ackerman, is a former thief in the witness protection program. Siblings Clancy and Kevin, played by Sadie Stanley and Maxwell Simkins, respectively, must figure out how to save their parents during the course of a single action-packed night. They enlist the help of their friends, including Mim, played by Cree Cincchino.

Cinccino’s previous credits include the Netflix comedy Mr. Iglesias and the Nickelodeon comedy Game Shakers. You can read more about Cinccino here in her interview with Glitter Magazine.

The Sleepover is a super fun comedy full of friendship, action, and a little bit of mystery,” said Cicchino in an interview with Glitter Magazine. “I play Mim, best friend of leading lady Clancy, who can best be described as the girl in the horror movie telling everyone not to go into the basement. Spoiler alert, everyone goes into the basement.”


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August 21. On @netflix

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The film is directed by Trish Sie, who also directed the comedy Pitch Perfect 3 and the music videos for the alternative rock band OK Go

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