Katy Perry Uses Fan Artwork as an Alternate Album Cover

Capital Records

The album cover for Katy Perry’s new album, Smile, was released on July 9, but after a fan designed their own version, Perry decided to use the alternate design.

A fan on Twitter tagged Perry in their tweet which had a picture of the artwork and the artwork as an album cover with the caption, “Smile cover redesign.” Perry actually saw the tweet and quoted it by saying, “calling you for next record!” This cute interaction was all over Twitter, afterward.

Perry recently announced that she would be releasing five limited edition alternate covers and one of them was the fan’s artwork. Why is something like this so important? It proves not only that social media has the potential to really connect fans with their favorite artists, but also that artists are listening to what their fans want. Perry did something to really show how much she values her fan’s creativity.

To purchase one of these limited edition alternate covers, you’ll need to act fast because they are only available until 11:59 pm EST tonight, Aug. 6. You can choose from either a CD or a vinyl. You can click here to purchase one.